Fast&Up Magnesio- Pack of 3 Tubes- Lime&Lemon Flavour

Fast&Up Magnesio- Pack of 3 Tubes

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* For Indian Pincodes only

Fast&Up Magnesio supplement is a refreshing Lime & Lemon flavoured formula designed to ease muscle cramps, spasms, fatigue, stress and exhaustion by restoring and promoting healthy magnesium and zinc levels in the body. Formulated with effervescent technology, Fast&Up Magnesio offers maximum absorption, bioavailability, convenience and compliance with 300 mg elemental magnesium and 10 mg Zinc.

Magnesium and Zinc are one of the most important basic nutrients that helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and energy production. Without enough magnesium and zinc in body, the muscles remain tense which causes them to spasm and twitch. Symptoms that indicate you may be deficient in magnesium include muscle cramps, muscle spasms, increased susceptibility to fatigue, exhaustion and stress. When it comes to exercise performance, this supplement not only helps improve overall energy levels but also helps to maintain muscle health and eases muscle cramps and spasms associated with an electrolyte imbalance from strenuous training sessions. Add this fast-acting daily magnesium and zinc supplement to your day and defeat fatigue, stress and energy loss. How to use- Just Drop, Dissolve and Drink.

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